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is a pendrive with a multimedia program of simple use that contains more than40 activities comprising 4,800 mental exercises directed to stimulate cognitive areas of language, memory, gnosias, praxias, calculus and others. Each activity (120 exercises) has 12 levels of difficulty, which are automatically adjusted to the capacities of users and their own answers.

This is a unique tool for cognitive intervention developed initially in Spanish that allows to maintain mental capacity, to strengthen social links, generating security, identity and self-confidence.

Activamente is highly flexible adapting to different users, a versatility that permits to be used by normal adults as well as for patients with mild cognitive disorders, TEC, Alzheimer´s disease and other disorders. In a world with an increasing life expectancy.

Activamente is a real solution for cognitive disorders of the elderly, and a complement for other therapies.

Activamente was created in the laboratories of the International Center for Biomedicine ICC, a leading research institute devoted to cutting-edge research in neurodegenerative disorders, with support from the technology based enterprises Neuroinnovation and Adexus.

For more information:

Vitacura 3586, Of. 513. Santiago, Chile

Phone:(+56 2) 29 53 63 62